Lenten thoughts on Gloria’s birthday wish photo photo

Mrs. Gloria Arroyo turned 62 last Palm Sunday, April 5.

It was meaningful, Mrs. Arroyo said, because it coincided with the start of the commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Her birthday wish, she said, would be “unity and volunteerism to see the country through the global recession”.

To be sure, Mrs. Arroyo would need a miracle far greater than the resurrection of Jesus Christ to inspire unity and volunteerism among Filipinos.

Her corruption and wanton abuse of power, together with that of her political allies and family, have made the Arroyo administration one of the most despised regimes the country ever had, rivaling that of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

If there is anything that the Filipino people will unite and volunteer for, that would be to ensure that Mrs. Arroyo and her cabal do not stay longer than 2010.

Her chief publicity officer, Mr. Cerge Remonde, said that Mrs. Arroyo has no personal gift for herself. On the contrary, it was Mrs. Arroyo who has a birthday package for the Filipino people: “her heart, her soul and her sacrifices”.

Well, I am sure many people would want to pluck out Mrs. Arroyo’s heart anytime – if she has one.

As for her soul, I am sure the Devil has already reserved the right to take it.

As for her sacrifices, what in hell’s name is Mr. Remonde talking about?

Mrs. Arroyo attempted, rather vainly, to underscore selflessness in her supposed birthday wish for the country.

She has lost so much credibility and moral authority that to talk about unity, volunteerism and sacrifice will surely make Jesus Christ rise, and rage.

Lent or not.


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